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How Can You Mix Metals in Home Decor?




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Stainless steel

In the kitchen, you’re likely to have metal fixtures and appliances. Stainless steel is a cool toned metal that works well with other metal tones. You can get brushed bronze finishes for appliances and cabinets. This finish is similar to paint that has been brushed on the surface and works well with eclectic and polished designs.

Mixing different metal finishes can add depth and interest to a room. An antique brass light fixture, for example, can add some surprise to a stainless-steel kitchen. A black mirror with aged brass lighting can be a focal point in a room that has chrome fixtures. You can also use metal accents on furniture. A metal accent piece can tie the entire look together.

Combine metals in different ways to create an industrial-modern look. A stainless-steel kitchen can be given warmth by adding copper, gold, or silver accents. Chrome accents can add a metallic tone to a white and gold kitchen.


Both copper and metals can be used in a variety of ways to add warmth and beauty. They are both antimicrobial and resistant to corrosion, and can be used on all kinds of home decor and fixtures. You can find copper on high-quality cookware, as well as on decorative copper accents and fixtures. Copper can take on an oxidized green or blue patina over time, so it’s important to protect your copper pieces with beeswax, carnauba wax, or linseed oil.

Copper and bronze metals add a touch old-world charm to your home. The golden hue of bronze makes it a very inviting, warm, and welcoming addition to your interior design. Copper is a bright, cheery, and unique metal, which can take over a room with its unique character.

can you mix metals in home decor

Choosing the right metal for your home decor is an essential part of making it look more luxurious. You can use one type of metal, or you can mix and match different metals in the same space. You should match the metal to your room’s color. If you are working with a dark colour, warm metals will work well with it. A light color will look great with dark metals.


Using metals as accents is a popular way to add a modern touch to your decor. But you need to be careful because it can go wrong. Metals with different hues should only be used when they complement each other. You should not use two different metal finishes in the same light fixture as it can cause confusion.

Although most people only use one dominant metal for their home decor, there are many ways to mix them. For instance, you can pair a silver-inspired accent with gold to make a stunning duo. Accent pieces with warm undertones are another way to mix metals. This way, your main accent piece will be the warm metal, while the other accent will play a supporting role.

Another way to mix metals in your home decor is to combine metals in different finishes. This will give your room depth and interest. A brass light fixture can be added to a stainless steel kitchen. Or, a black mirror with aged brass lighting can be used to create a focal point. You can also add metal accents to your furniture to create an effect. The whole look can be tied together with a mixed-metal piece.


It is important to choose a color palette that complements the metals you are using when mixing them in your home decor. Warm metals go well with warm colors, while cool metals go with cool colors. Copper and gold are excellent choices for pairing with warm colors, while silver and brass can work beautifully with cool colors. You can also add a subtle touch of mixed metals to your decor by using accent pieces, such as silver and gold jewelry, or a bronze sculpture.

Combining metals is a popular trend in modern home decor. This gives a room an urban-cool feel. Silver metal accents on pieces of decor are a great way to give the look a modern feel. The combination of metals gives the home a modern, forward-looking feel while still retaining a touch of the past.

Depending on the space’s size, you can use a dominant or secondary metal as an accent. A kitchen might have a lot of stainless steel appliances and accessories. The accent pieces could be brass or cast iron. In smaller rooms, however, you can choose to mix metals as accents. You should try to use different finishes in each area to create a balanced look. If you are mixing metals, make sure to choose warm and cool hues, so they don’t compete with each other.

Copper with brass

Copper and brass are versatile metals that work well together in home decor. They work well together with both traditional designs and modern trends. This home decor duo is a popular choice among interior designers. They provide a stylish, unique look to a room. They are timeless and fashionable, despite being popular.

Copper is one the oldest known metals. Prior to the discovery of gold and silver, copper was the only metal known to man. This beautiful metal is making a comeback today in home decor. It is becoming a popular choice for interior design in the South. Copper is a warm and inviting finish, and many designers are using it for this purpose.

Copper is resistant to rust and can be used to create elegant home decor. However, it is more difficult to maintain than other metals, such as chrome and stainless steel. Despite the disadvantages of using copper in home decor, copper and brass go well together. Copper can be used to create a historic appearance in older homes. Copper is used in light fixtures, furniture, as well as other home decor pieces. Adding copper and brass to your home’s decor can make your home feel warmer and more spacious.

Stainless steel with brass

Stainless steel and brass are complementary metals that can create a modern look. Brass is warmer and stainless steel is a darker metal. Brass pot fillers and matte drawer pulls look great with stainless steel, while a brass pot is a nice complement to a stainless sink. This warm-cool combination is great for full bathrooms.

When designing with these two metals, most interior designers agree that they can blend them without sacrificing their style. They just recommend that you place them side by side before installing them in a room. You can also mix brass with nickel and chrome, and gold with silver, which are the most common metallic shades. Choosing these two metallics in combination can create a striking contrast that will enliven any kitchen.

Both brass and stainless are both durable and visually pleasing materials. While both materials can tarnish with exposure to oxygen, they can be restored to their original beauty with polishing.

Stainless steel with silver

Consider combining the two metals when choosing a combination for your home. Steel is a classic choice for any room, while the lighter aluminum is also an excellent choice. Aluminum is also cheaper and can be used almost anywhere in the house. Aluminum is a great choice for homes with warm colors, even though it is not as durable as steel. However, this material oxidizes, which leaves a chalky residue. For best results, use it in combination with other cool colors.

Stainless steel, a silver-toned metal, is compatible with other metal tones. This metal looks great with brushed bronze finishes. They look like paint has been brushed on. It can be used in a variety of styles, from rustic to polished. A simple way to introduce it into your home decor is to use accent pieces in gray or neutral colors.

Although mixing silver and gold can create a striking contrast, you should also consider the overall color scheme. If you have a warm color scheme it is best to use the dominant warm-tone metal. The silver will spice up your room’s overall tone.

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