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Home Decor Accents




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Accent pieces, such as throw blankets and rugs, can help define the space in your home. You can also incorporate accents such as storage ottomans, poufs, and benches to accentuate your space. In addition to accent pieces, you can fill a bare mantle with small decorative pieces to give it personality.

home decor accents

Still lifes

There are many ways to incorporate still lives into your home decor, no matter what your style preference is. These works of art can be made using various materials and textures. You can combine different textures and tones, and explore the rule of thirds.

The art form of a still life has been around for centuries. Its history includes decorative frescoes from antiquity to high art paintings from the Renaissance. These works of art show an assemblage of inanimate objects, such as fruits and flowers. This concept can take many forms today, from Instagram latte art to vase of tulips styled as a Dutch Golden Age painting.

Centerpiece bowls

Centerpiece bowls can be used as a decorative accent or a classic. They add an instant pop of color to your table and can be used in a variety of ways. They can serve as functional serving ware or decorative accents by filling them with seasonal fruits, vegetables, herbs, or spices. You can change the bowl filler to change the look of your home decor accents.

Centerpiece bowls are versatile and can be used in any room. You can choose metallic bowls for a glamorous look, or a more simple, down-to-earth look with ceramic or porcelain bowls. You can also opt for sculptural bowls, which are great for accenting a room or a table.

Decorative bowls are a great place to keep snacks and drinks. They can also be dressed up for the holidays by filling them with seasonal accents. You can fill them with small curio items to give them a more magical look. To complement other accents in a room, decorative bowls can be placed on bookshelves, accent cabinets and coffee tables.


A centerpiece can be used to enhance the appearance of a table or the overall decor in a room. They are accent pieces that are placed at the center of a table and can be used for many events such as weddings, birthdays and other celebrations. They are also suitable for commercial settings, such as banquet tables.

A centerpiece can be anything, from a single flower to a group of blooms. A single centerpiece does not need to be elaborate, but it should be in harmony with the style and theme of the room. In some cases, a simple bowl of fruit can be used as a centerpiece.

The most effective way to arrange small elements is to group them in odd numbers, which can make them more visually appealing. A candle can be placed in the middle of the runner. Or, use a large bouquet of flowers for a stunning look. A runner with air plants is also an ideal option.

Centerpiece trays

Centerpiece trays can add dimension and texture to a space. These pieces can be paired with other decorative accents to create a more dynamic look. For instance, a shallow woven basket tray combined with a geometric reindeer or wooden ornaments creates a beautiful focal point. A vignette of nostalgia elements placed on a round tray can create the perfect asymmetrical composition.

You can also use centerpiece trays as storage. A tray can hold candles or lights, depending on the design you choose. It can also hold items such as bath essentials or jewelry. This decorative accent adds beauty to a home. It helps to organize items and keeps them off the counters.

Decorative trays can also be used as a serving station. They make it easy to serve dishes and create a stunning centerpiece for your table. They can be painted in bright colors and can be used indoors or outdoors. Centerpiece trays are also useful for special occasions, such as luas and parties.

Centerpiece paintings

Home accents have a major role to play in determining the style of your home. Accents allow you to express yourself and your taste and unify various elements of your home. Accents can be used to add color, texture or a harmonious feeling to a space.

Centerpiece posters

There are many styles of center-piece posters. However, there are some things you need to consider before buying one. The first is the size. Many people underestimate the size of art prints, so be sure to pick the next size up. This will ensure that the art print looks great in your home.

Gallery wall

A gallery wall is a great way to add personality to a space. It can be used with any space and any combination of pieces. To create a polished look, you can choose from a variety of colors, patterns and styles. You can also use a gallery wall as a focal point in your living room.

When choosing frames, choose elaborate designs rather than the standard border style. These unique frame designs add beautiful elements to your wall decor. Alternatively, use bright quote paintings to add a pop of color to the wall. You can also use a color scheme if you have limited space to create a wall decor accent.

You can add interest to your gallery wall by using a combination horizontal and vertical frames. Mix and match colors and styles. You can also try using mismatched frames to create a fun, eclectic look. You can also mix and match different sizes and shapes. If you’re unsure of what to buy, shop online for inspiration.

Before you choose pieces to hang on your gallery wall make sure that you measure them. To help you decide the best place to display your pieces, you can use a paper template. The first piece should be at eye level. You can choose a piece that is higher if you have high ceilings.

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