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Art Deco

The aesthetics of the Art Deco movement are often bold and geometric. This style might be too glitzy for some people, or too subdued for those who prefer a minimalist look. However, it is a unique way to decorate a room, and you can mix and match art deco pieces with other types of furniture to create a spectacular look. Art Deco was born out the desire to break the mold of traditional design and create something entirely new.

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This style is rich and dramatic in its use of colors. Black and white were often used together, but you can also use deep green or blue shades. To make dark walls stand out, you can use two different types or tiles for floors and walls. You can enhance the richness of the Art Deco style by using upscale materials such as polished marble, granite, metallics and burlwood. Of course, the real versions of these materials can be quite expensive, so you’ll want to plan carefully and select the best ones for your home.

The art deco style was born in Paris, where it first gained popularity. The style gained popularity in America after the Met exhibition, but it didn’t have the same opulence. This was due to the fact that the 1920s were the Machine Age, and while the designs in the Paris Exhibition were one-of-a-kind, they were often mass-produced in factories.

The art deco style is a mix of modern and traditional elements. Though it may look chaotic and out of place, it is actually an aesthetic that fits in well with contemporary designs. This style is well-suited for modern homes, as it features bold colors and geometric shapes.

Mid-century modern

Mid-century modern home decor is all about light and space. This style often features big picture windows and minimal curtains. The overall aesthetic is casual and unpretentious. Mid-century modern homes often have a unique vintage piece as the focal point of their rooms. To create the desired mood, lighting is usually provided by hanging lamps and multiple lamps.

Warm colors are important to the mid-century modern home decor aesthetics. Some of the more common examples include a mustard-colored home office sofa, avocado-green dining room bench, or teal kitchen chair cushions. Wood furniture is also a staple of this style. While wood colors aren’t as important as the materials used, warm wood shades are typically a good choice for mid-century modern home decor.

The mid-century design aesthetic is so popular that even mainstream design magazines have jumped on the bandwagon. In 1994, the Herman Miller for the Home line received extensive coverage in House Beautiful. Today, you can find mid-century designs in many furniture and accessory stores. West Elm is a great place to start if you are looking for inspiration.

Choose pieces that complement one another to create the perfect look. If you aren’t sure which colors will go together, try neutral tones. Mid-century modern designers often used whimsical combinations to create a playful look that evokes an esoteric feeling. Using eccentric shaped furniture or abstract patterns in upholstery can also add to the exotic vibe. Mid-century modern home decor schemes have a distinctive style or theme. This theme can be used throughout the space.

You should eliminate clutter when decorating with mid-century modern aesthetics. This style is known for its simplicity, but it does not mind decorative touches. Sunburst mirrors, geometric wall art, and eye-catching pendant lights are examples of decorative items that are complementary to this look.

Shabby chic

Shabby chic is a design style that seeks to bring order to chaos. The emphasis on vintage furniture and wood furniture makes it easy to experiment with arranging. The style lends itself to many variations, so interior designers can find pieces with unique, old-fashioned details from all over.

Furniture in this style is typically distressed, resulting in a worn, aged appearance. You can give this style an extra touch of character by using special glazes to antique pieces. Comfortable fabrics are a common choice for shabby chic home decor. They can be made from linen or cotton. Vintage fabrics are great accents, and often feature floral patterns.

Although distressed furniture is an important part of shabby chic, you should be careful not choose weak or sagging pieces. You can also opt for new pieces with distressed finishes. It’s easy to incorporate antique furniture into your home.

You can also find unique shabby chic pieces at car boot sales, thrift stores, and charity shops. These pieces may not look brand-new, but they may be in perfect condition. A statement lamp shade or a clock can be added to your bed to create a charming, shabby chic look.

Since the late 1980s, shabby chic has been a popular style. Interior designers Amy Leferink (owner of Interior Impressions in Minnesota) and Lauren DeBello (founder of Lauren DeBello Interiors Nashville), have provided historical background to this decorating style.


You can add personality and flair to your home with eclectic home decor. You can use a variety different textures and patterns in an eclectic design. You might also use some things that are not normally in harmony with each other. You must keep the overall effect coherent.

If you’re decorating for an eclectic room, you should try to keep the walls simple. If you use a busy wallpaper, you’ll find it difficult to mix and match patterned elements. It’s easier to add colorful accessories to walls if they are simple. You should use eclectic design aesthetics with care. A neutral hue must complement them.

Whether you’re redecorating an entire room or adding a statement object to your living room, eclectic style requires pieces that will complement each other but also stand out. These pieces may be a combination of high-end and inexpensive finds. You can create an eclectic design that suits your taste, regardless of your budget.

Unlike traditional home decor styles, eclectic style can incorporate elements of various styles and textures. For example, a living room with eclectic furniture may feature bright colors, wicker furniture, hanging plants, and wood. A Scandinavian-Bohemian design is another example of an eclectic living room. In recent years, Scandinavian-Bohemian style has become a popular choice among modern interior decorators.

Eclectic home decor is a great way of expressing your personality. It’s a great way to express your individual style without having to be too coordinated. Eclectic decor also allows you to mix and match vintage and modern pieces. Eclectic decor aesthetics might be the best choice if you aren’t sure which style you prefer.


Cottagecore is an interior design style that reflects the simplicity and charm of the English countryside. It is often characterized with nostalgic, rustic, and flowing colors. It is often complemented with eclectic pieces of home decor. This look has become extremely popular recently and is gaining ground with celebrities and brands.

Cottagecore is reminiscent of Scandinavian Hygge, which emphasizes comfort and coziness. In the bedroom, this means cozy bedding and layered blankets and pillows to create a comfortable feeling. The whole room should feel as if it is a retreat from the stresses of the world.

Cottagecore furniture should be made of old materials, which is often antique. This style is also open to rustic farmhouse and French-inspired pieces. Vintage decor is another option, as it adds a nostalgic touch to your home. Cottagecore furniture may feature imperfections, but this does not prevent it from being charming.

Cottagecore homes should be decorated with plants, which offer great health benefits and are inexpensive to maintain. Potted plants and trailing vines will add a natural element to the home decor aesthetic. Cottagecore also emphasizes crafts, which include floristry, pottery, and paper crafts. Cottagecore is a style that appeals to people who enjoy crafting and creating.

Cottagecore home decor is a great fit to almost any kind of interior design. The trend is all about bringing the outdoors inside, and incorporating organic materials wherever possible. This means organic fabrics and natural materials. Organic textiles, such as linen, are a great way to incorporate the cottagestyle aesthetic into your home.

Cottagecore style is great for those who love home-cooked meals and homemade decor. Cottagecore home decor is affordable and can be achieved on any budget. Cottagestyle homes have cozy nooks that can be used for crafting or reading. Cottages can also be furnished with vintage artwork and pieces.

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