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How to Get Rid of That Ugly Air Conditioner in Your Yard




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There are several ways to hide your AC unit from your yard. One way to hide your AC unit is to plant dwarf evergreen trees. These trees can stay green all year and won’t take up much space. You can also plant ornamental grasses. You can also grow dwarf hydrangeas. You can buy a variety of plants online from places like Nature Hills Nursery. You can also hire a carpenter for a fence around the unit.

How to Get Rid of That Ugly Air Conditioner in Your Yard

Planter boxes

Planter boxes can be used to hide an unsightly AC unit. These boxes are usually made of cement blocks or wood and can hide large AC units in the middle of your house. You can grow plants between the slats to create a living screen. To make the blocks more attractive, you can paint them or cover them with a decorative cloth.

If you live in a neighborhood that allows air conditioners, consider adding a wooden box over the AC. This will protect the unit and allow you to access it for maintenance. Although it will require more work, adding a door is worth the effort. You can also cover the air conditioning unit with a privacy screen or a custom fence. For an added touch, you can plant flowers and colorful pots around the box.

Cedar lattice

Cedar lattice is a great option for hiding an unsightly air conditioner unit. Cedar lattice has a warm golden color and a pleasant smell. It blends well with natural settings. The panels can be purchased individually or in pre-assembled packages.

A lattice screen can be used to conceal an air conditioner unit. Vinyl fencing can be used to create privacy screens that conceal the AC unit and allow air to flow freely. Another option is to use wood pallets to build a tall privacy fence that can house climbing plants. For a natural, organic look, you can cover the AC unit in a wooden box.

You can also use wooden pallets to screen your cedar lattice if you don’t want to spend the money. You can cover the air conditioner with the wood slats and then plant a plant in between the slats. This way, the AC unit is hidden while the plants provide a beautiful green backdrop.


If your home has an ugly air conditioner unit that you’d rather not see, you can hide it with an old shutter screen. You can paint the wood screen in a bold color or give it a rustic look. Make sure to leave enough space between the slates to allow for airflow. DIY homeowners also love the idea of camouflaging the air conditioner with plants or shutters.


If you’ve been looking for a great way to hide your air conditioner, you should consider turning an old shipping pallet into an air conditioner cover. These can be sanded to give them a smooth appearance. When you receive them, they’ll probably be rough, but with a little sanding, they’ll look beautiful!

For a garden, a pallet can be used to grow vegetables and herbs with shallow root systems. A pallet garden of six feet can yield a lot of food. Make sure to clean the pallet thoroughly before you plant it. You don’t want any chemicals to stick to the pallet. Also, make sure that the soil is well-rooted. Pallets can also be used to create a unique tabletop that you can use for your plants.

You can even paint your pallets to hide your AC unit. Pallets can be painted in bold colors or artificially distressed to give them an antique appearance. You can also use pallets to hide your air conditioning unit by planting plants in between its slats.

You can also cover an air conditioner with wall coverings. If you don’t want people to see it, you can use bricks, cement blocks, or wooden paneling to cover it. For a unique look, you could also use pallets as vertical gardens, where you can grow herbs and tomatoes. These plants will provide you with fresh produce and will give you a fresh and healthy meal. A sculptor could also be hired to create a unique piece for your air conditioner. It should not block airflow.


You can hide your air conditioner unit with plants. Choose plants that are drought-tolerant and heat-tolerant. They grow slowly, so they are perfect for planting near an air conditioner. Bluestem joint fir is a good choice for small areas.

Another good way to hide an ugly air conditioning unit is to build a planter wall around it. You can build a planter wall with either cement blocks or wooden planks. Plants can grow through the slats to create a living screen. The planter wall can be painted any color, and it will disguise the air conditioning unit.

Another alternative to covering the AC unit is to place an iron trellis over it. This will conceal the AC unit and make it look beautiful as an outdoor decor item. You must be careful not to let the vines take over the AC unit. This option requires some carpentry skills and will hide the air conditioning unit. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a planter, you can also hide the AC unit with outdoor seating.

Old doors

Don’t toss your old doors! You can still recycle them and give them some style! One example of recycling old doors is turning them into an air conditioner by using decorative paper and spray paint. To imitate hammered or nailhead trim, you can add gold disks.

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