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An enchanting image capturing the essence of a whimsical "Where the Wild Things Are" baby room: a cozy rocking chair nestled in a corner, adorned with a furry monster-themed pillow, surrounded by a forest mural and dreamy starry night sky

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As a lover of all things wild and whimsical, I couldn’t resist the allure of creating a baby room inspired by the beloved book ‘Where the Wild Things Are.’

With its enchanting creatures and adventurous spirit, this theme is sure to ignite the imagination of your little one.

In this article, I’ll guide you through the essential elements, offer DIY decor ideas, and share where to find the perfect accessories to bring this wild and cozy nursery to life.

Let’s embark on this wild journey together!

Key Takeaways

  • Create a whimsical and imaginative space inspired by ‘Where the Wild Things Are’
  • Incorporate wild things nursery bedding with illustrations of Max and his friends
  • Use nature-inspired artwork and playful woodland accents to add a wild and whimsical touch
  • Consider DIY decor ideas such as creating wall art, making a mobile, and crafting plush toys with wild things theme

Choosing the Perfect Wild Things Theme

I’m having trouble choosing the perfect Wild Things theme for my baby’s room. As a new parent, I want to create a whimsical and imaginative space that reflects the magic of Maurice Sendak’s beloved book, ‘Where the Wild Things Are.’

One essential aspect of the theme is the wild things nursery bedding. I envision a cozy crib adorned with soft sheets featuring illustrations of Max and his wild friends.

To enhance the theme further, I’m considering wild things nursery wall art. From vibrant murals depicting Max’s adventure to framed prints showcasing the wild creatures, these decorative pieces will bring the story to life in the room.

Every detail matters, as I want my baby to feel like they’re stepping into the pages of this timeless tale.

Essential Elements of a Wild Things Nursery

To create a wild and whimsical nursery, I’ve incorporated elements like nature-inspired artwork, cozy animal-themed bedding, and playful woodland accents.

The wild things nursery bedding adds a touch of adventure and imagination, with its vibrant colors and playful animal prints.

The wild things nursery wall art brings the room to life, with its whimsical illustrations and captivating scenes. These elements not only create a visually stunning space, but also stimulate the child’s imagination and sense of wonder.

The cozy animal-themed bedding provides a comforting and inviting atmosphere, while the playful woodland accents add a touch of whimsy and charm.

Together, these elements create a wild and magical nursery that will inspire and delight both parents and children alike.

Now, let’s explore some DIY wild things decor ideas to add a personal touch to your nursery.

DIY Wild Things Decor Ideas

I’ve found some great DIY ideas for creating a whimsical and adventurous atmosphere in the nursery.

When it comes to budget-friendly wild things crafts, there are so many options to choose from.

One idea is to create your own wall art using a wild things inspired color palette. You can paint a mural of the forest with trees and cute little wild creatures, or simply frame prints of wild things illustrations.

Another idea is to make your own mobile using felt and wooden beads. Cut out shapes of wild creatures, like lions, elephants, and bears, and hang them from a wooden hoop. It will add a playful touch to the nursery.

Lastly, you can make your own plush toys using patterned fabric. Sew together different shapes to create adorable wild things that your baby will love.

Where to Find Wild Things Baby Room Accessories

I found a great online store that offers a wide range of whimsical and adventurous accessories for a nursery. The store not only has unique wild things accessories, but also provides budget-friendly options for wild things decor.

Here are three items I discovered:

  • Wild Things Wall Decals: These decals feature characters from ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ and can instantly transform a plain nursery wall into a magical playground for your little one.

  • Wild Things Mobile: Hang a wild things mobile above the crib to add a touch of enchantment to the room. The mobile features cute and colorful characters that will capture your baby’s imagination.

  • Wild Things Plush Toys: These soft and cuddly plush toys are perfect for playtime and make adorable additions to the nursery decor. Your baby will love snuggling up with their wild things friends.

With these budget-friendly options, you can create a wild things-themed nursery that will bring joy and adventure to your little one’s room.

Tips for Creating a Cozy and Wild Things-inspired Nursery

Creating a cozy and adventurous nursery inspired by the whimsical characters is a fun and exciting way to decorate your little one’s room.

To create a whimsical atmosphere, incorporate nature-inspired elements that capture the essence of the wild things. Start by painting the walls a soft, earthy color like forest green or sandy beige. Hang a mobile with woodland creatures above the crib, and adorn the walls with wall decals featuring trees, animals, and stars.

Add plush animal pillows and blankets to create a cozy and comforting space. Don’t forget to bring the outdoors in by placing potted plants or a small tree in the corner of the room. To complete the look, hang a dreamcatcher above the crib and use soft, natural materials for bedding and curtains.

With these elements, your little one’s nursery will feel like a magical forest where the wild things roam.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Choose the Perfect Color Scheme for a Wild Things-Themed Nursery?

I choose the perfect color scheme for a wild things-themed nursery by considering color psychology for baby rooms. I research how different colors can create a calming or stimulating environment for my baby.

What Are Some Essential Furniture Pieces to Include in a Wild Things Nursery?

When creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere for a wild things nursery, choosing the right furniture is essential. From a comfy rocking chair for late-night cuddles to a sturdy changing table for diaper duty, these pieces will bring the room to life.

Are There Any Safety Concerns to Consider When Decorating a Wild Things Nursery?

When creating a safe and stylish wild things themed nursery, it’s important to consider safety concerns. From choosing non-toxic paint to securing furniture, taking precautions ensures a cozy, yet safe environment for your little one.

Where Can I Find Unique Wild Things Accessories for the Baby Room?

I found some unique wild things accessories for my baby’s nursery. There are various online stores where you can buy wild things baby room accessories. They add a special touch to the themed nursery.

What Are Some Tips for Incorporating a Sense of Adventure Into a Wild Things-Inspired Nursery?

Choosing the right wall art for a wild things-inspired nursery is key to creating a sense of adventure. Incorporating outdoor elements, like tree decals or animal prints, will bring the decor to life.


Creating a wild things-inspired baby room is a magical journey that allows you to unleash your creativity and imagination. Just like Max in the beloved children’s book, you can transform your nursery into a wild and whimsical world.

From choosing the perfect theme to DIY decor ideas, the possibilities are endless. Let your inner wild thing roam free as you create a cozy sanctuary for your little one, where dreams and adventures await.

Let your nursery be a roaring reminder of the wild spirit that lies within us all.

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