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When to Put Out Fall Decor




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The leaves are changing color, the temperature is dropping at night, and Labor Day has come and gone—it’s officially falling! So when is the best time to put out your fall decor?

There’s no one definitive answer to this question. Some people like to wait until the first day of autumn, while others start putting out their decor as soon as the leaves start changing color. Ultimately, it’s up to you when you want to start celebrating autumn.

One thing to keep in mind is that you don’t want to wait too long to put out your decor. The weather can be unpredictable in autumn, so you’ll want to ensure your decorations are protected from the rain or snow.

So what are you waiting for? Start putting out your fall decor today!

When to Put Out Fall Decor

When to Put Out Fall Decor

If you are wondering when to put out fall decor, start a few weeks before the season officially changes. Fall isn’t just about pumpkins and fall leaves. It’s about transitioning from summer to autumn with plants and colors that go with the warm color scheme. Then, once the weather turns chilly, add pumpkins to your decor. This will make your home feel cozier as the days get shorter and the nights get longer.

October 1 Is the Most Acceptable Time to Put out Fall Decor

Although autumn and fall do not start at the same time everywhere, the most common date to put out fall and Halloween decor is the first week of October. The best time to decorate such as pumpkins, carved pumpkins, and Halloween wreaths is between October 1 and the 15th.

However, if you only want simple decorations, you can put them up a week before Halloween Eve.

There are different opinions on when it is ‘too early to put out your fall and Thanksgiving decorations. Some people think that a store can start putting out their decorations as early as mid-September.

Others say that the most acceptable date is after Labor Day. In the case of Hobby Lobby, the adequate time to put out fall decor is October 1, but this depends on where you live.

Back porch with fall decor

Decorating in Stages Is a Great Way to Transition from Summer to Fall

When preparing for fall, it’s a good idea to start by stripping away bright colors and other summer decorations. This creates a clean slate and will make it easier to transition into the autumnal decor. Leaving your home empty will help you envision the look you’d like to create.

Then, add decorative elements such as candles to your home to give it a fall feel.

Whether decorating in an ample space or a cozy nook, you’ll want to transition from summer to fall gradually. If you’re worried about overdoing it, think about doing it in stages. Instead of trying to change every room at once, display one fall decoration in each room. As you add more fall decor, gradually increase the amount in each room.

Decorating with Plants that Fit the Warm Color Scheme

When the weather turns chilly, it’s time to add some patterned fabrics to your home, and you can use plaid to dress up your table setting. A vintage stoneware crock and a fuzzy orange throw are also perfect for bringing in some seasonal autumn air.

You can even use faux flowers in a jar or rustic wood planter. Using autumn-themed planters, you can also incorporate the warm colors of autumn into your furniture and accessories.

If you don’t want to put up a lot of colorful fall accents, go for a more neutral color scheme. Warm metals go with various color combinations, including orange and red. Galvanized steel is an excellent choice because it has a silvery tone and a rough texture, which will go well with any decor style. Plants and accessories in solid fall colors will complement the warm colors you already have.

Adding Pumpkins Is a Great Way to Transition from Summer to Fall

As the weather begins to cool and the leaves start to change, there are many ways to decorate for fall. Pumpkins are a perfect way to begin. You can add small ceramic pumpkins to your coffee or entryway table or use pumpkin-themed accents like patterned pillows and wall signs.

A simple, inexpensive way to transition your home from summer to fall is by using pumpkins as a focal point in your living room or entryway.

Adding Pumpkins Is a Great Way to Transition from Summer to Fall

You can also transition your home by swapping summer linens for thicker ones—swap out summery fabrics with warm, muted colors that are more suitable for fall. Consider using richer materials such as wool or faux fur. It will be easier to make the transition when you use gradual additions of fall colors.

This is especially true if you have an older home. Adding pumpkins and another fall-inspired decor is a great way to make your home feel welcoming and inviting.

It’s also a perfect way to celebrate the change of season without going overboard.

Although you may be itching to put up all your fall decorations, it’s essential to know when is too soon—putting up your fall decor before October 1st might make your home feel out of place. Start with minor changes if you want a head start on your fall decorating. Add a few pumpkins here and there, or swap some of your summer linens for warmer ones. These small changes will help you ease into the autumn season without feeling like you’re jumping the gun.

Autumn home decoration


When it comes to fall decor, there are many ways to transition your home from summer to fall. It’s essential to take your time and add elements gradually. This will help you create a warm and inviting space that celebrates the change of season. Pumpkins are a great way to start, but don’t feel you need to go overboard. A few small changes can make a significant impact and help your home feel like a fall.

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