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What Was at Floor and Decor Arlington Before




An image that portrays the transformation of Floor and Decor Arlington's previous incarnation, capturing remnants of its past

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As I step into the sprawling aisles of Floor and Decor Arlington, I can’t help but wonder about the history that lies beneath. What secrets does this building hold?

Before it became a haven for home improvement enthusiasts like myself, what stood here?

Join me on a journey through time as we uncover the previous businesses, the renovations, and the community impact that shaped this space.

Let’s unravel the story of what was at Floor and Decor Arlington before.

Key Takeaways

  • The building at Floor and Decor Arlington has a long history, transitioning from a grocery store to various businesses over the years.
  • Previous businesses at the location included small boutiques and family-owned restaurants, each making their own economic impact on the local community.
  • The building has undergone numerous renovations and changes over time, including the addition of modern features like large windows and open floor plans, enhancing its aesthetic appeal, functionality, and accessibility.
  • The arrival of Floor and Decor Arlington has brought a boost in economic activity, attracting customers from near and far and creating numerous job opportunities for the community.

The History of the Building

I’ve heard that the building where Floor and Decor Arlington is now used to be a grocery store. The history of the building reveals interesting details about its construction and architectural design.

The building was constructed in the early 1900s, showcasing a blend of Victorian and neoclassical architectural styles. With its grand facade and ornate details, it was a notable structure in the area. The construction of the building was a testament to the craftsmanship and attention to detail of that era.

As the neighborhood grew and changed, so did the purpose of the building. It transitioned from a grocery store to various other businesses over the years. This evolution highlights the adaptability and resilience of the building, making it an integral part of the community’s history.

Previous Businesses at the Location

There were several businesses occupying the location prior to the establishment of Floor and Decor in Arlington. Over the years, the building has housed a variety of establishments, each making its own economic impact on the local community.

Local business support has been crucial in the success of these ventures, as they provide jobs and contribute to the overall growth of the area. From small boutiques to family-owned restaurants, each business brought its unique charm to the location.

However, with the establishment of Floor and Decor, the economic impact and local business support have reached new heights. This home improvement store has become a go-to destination for residents and contractors alike, offering a wide range of products and services.

The transition to Floor and Decor has brought significant renovations and changes to the location.

Renovations and Changes Over Time

Throughout the years, I’ve witnessed numerous renovations and changes to the location, each transforming the space into something new and exciting.

Architectural modifications have played a significant role in shaping the current state of the building. From the exterior facade to the interior layout, each renovation has been carefully designed to meet customer preferences and create a welcoming environment.

The addition of modern features, such as large windows and open floor plans, has been a response to the growing demand for natural light and spaciousness. These changes haven’t only enhanced the overall aesthetic appeal but also improved functionality and accessibility.

The continuous adaptations to customer preferences have made this location a sought-after destination for both homeowners and professionals in the community. This commitment to meeting customer needs has had a significant impact on the local community and highlights the importance of having a versatile and adaptable space.

Community Impact and Importance

As an active member of the community, I’ve seen firsthand the positive impact that these renovations and changes have had on the local economy and overall sense of pride in our neighborhood. The community involvement in these projects has been instrumental in driving economic growth and revitalizing our area. Through collaborative efforts, we have been able to transform vacant spaces into thriving businesses, attracting new customers and generating revenue. This has not only created job opportunities for residents but also increased property values and stimulated local businesses. The table below showcases some of the key economic improvements that have been achieved through these community-driven initiatives:

Economic Impact Statistics
Increase in local business 20%
Job creation 100+ new jobs
Increase in property values 15%
Revenue generated $500,000+ annually

These numbers highlight the significant progress we have made in our neighborhood and serve as a testament to the power of community involvement in fostering economic growth.

The Transformation Into Floor and Decor Arlington

I am excited to share how our neighborhood has undergone a remarkable transformation, becoming a hub for a popular home improvement store. The opening of Floor and Decor in Arlington has brought significant economic growth and job opportunities to our community.

Here are three key points to highlight the positive impact of this transformation:

  1. Economic growth: With the arrival of Floor and Decor, our neighborhood has experienced a boost in economic activity. The store attracts customers from near and far, bringing in new revenue and stimulating local businesses.

  2. Job opportunities: The opening of Floor and Decor has created numerous job opportunities for our community. From store associates to management positions, the store has provided employment for many individuals, contributing to a thriving job market.

  3. Community enhancement: The presence of Floor and Decor has enhanced our community by offering a wide range of home improvement products and services. Residents now have convenient access to quality materials and expertise, making it easier to enhance their homes and improve their living spaces.

Overall, the transformation into Floor and Decor Arlington has been a catalyst for economic growth and has provided valuable job opportunities, while enhancing our community with its offerings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Current Ownership of Floor and Decor Arlington?

The current ownership of Floor and Decor Arlington is not known. However, it is important to understand how the ownership of the store has changed over time to get a clearer picture.

How Long Has Floor and Decor Arlington Been in Operation?

Floor and Decor Arlington has been in operation for several years. Its history and impact on the local economy are significant. The store has brought jobs, revenue, and a wide selection of home improvement products to the area.

What Are the Specific Products and Services Offered by Floor and Decor Arlington?

Floor & Decor Arlington offers a wide range of flooring options, including hardwood, tile, and laminate. They also provide installation services to ensure a seamless and professional finish for your home or business.

Are There Any Plans for Future Expansion or Development of Floor and Decor Arlington?

In terms of future expansion plans and development opportunities, Floor and Decor Arlington has not disclosed any specific information. However, it is always possible for businesses to explore growth and improvement options.

Can Customers Place Orders Online or Is the Store Strictly Brick and Mortar?

Customers can place orders online and in-store at Floor and Decor Arlington. While online shopping offers convenience, brick and mortar stores provide advantages like the ability to see and touch products before purchasing.


In conclusion, the transformation of the building into Floor and Decor Arlington has brought new life and purpose to the location.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the building has been revitalized and now serves as a hub for the community’s home improvement needs.

Its history may have faded, but its impact on the community remains strong.

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