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Surprisingly Easy Way to Refresh Your Living Room




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There are many easy ways to update your living room. You can repaint the walls, add a gallery wall, or change up the lighting. You can even bring in plants to freshen up the room.

Repainting the walls

Re-painting your walls is a great way to transform your living room. It will instantly make it look new. It will also give you a fresh perspective on your existing decor. Choose a light color to let natural light into the room, as well as one that adds a hint of warmth. You can also opt for a matte finish if you want to highlight the details of your existing wall art.

Surprisingly Easy Way to Refresh Your Living Room

Before you begin painting, you will need to make sure the room is empty and free from heavy furniture. If you have any large pieces of furniture, you should move them to the center of the room. To prevent them from getting painted, you may want to cover them with old sheets and drop cloths. Before you paint, wipe down the walls. This will ensure that the paint sticks to the walls.

If you want to make the room look new again, consider painting the ceiling. This trend is catching on. It’s a great alternative to a white ceiling. It can create a warm and inviting environment. A painted ceiling looks great in dark greys or deep olive tones. To add some fun, you can add stripes to the room.

It’s easy to transform a room by changing the wall color. You can change the color of your walls or choose an accent wall in a bolder color. You can start by looking at the decor in the room to get an idea of the colors you like.

Gallery wall installation

A gallery wall is an excellent way to update a room with a unique style. A gallery wall can be made from any wall, and it doesn’t need to be square. To make the gallery appear smaller, you can also put furniture underneath it. Adding elements to the space will break up the monotony and bring life to the display.

A gallery wall is a great way to display family photos and favorite memories. A simple way to hang images is to use construction paper cutouts. Use a thumbtack and adhere the images in a rectangular shape. Temporary wallpaper can be used to add color to your wall. You can combine temporary wallpaper with neutral wallpaper to create a dramatic look. A gallery wall can include frames, fabric hangings, pennants, and other trinkets. In addition, twinkle lights and fabric hangings make a beautiful backdrop for a television set.

While you can choose any artwork to create a gallery wall, you can select a common theme among all your pieces. You can use a similar color scheme but use different styles or prices to create a cohesive look. You can display family photos, modern art and even children’s artwork on a gallery wall. The possibilities are endless!

Although you might be intimidated by the idea of hanging art on a wall, it doesn’t necessarily have to cost a lot. Beautiful, affordable artwork can add style and personality to your living space.

Changing out the lighting

One of the quickest ways to refresh your living room is to rearrange the furniture. Your furniture’s placement can make or break a room. Experiment with different arrangements and see which one works best for your room. Even subtle changes can make a big difference.

For smaller spaces, oversized pendant lighting is a great option. You’ll need to be a little more adventurous to use them. Big chandeliers, drum pendants, and giant floor lamps are some of the most popular lighting options for small spaces. These large pieces can anchor your scheme.

Lighting has a huge impact on how a room feels. A dark room might need more natural lighting to feel more welcoming. Consider adding additional lamps to brighten the room if the lighting is too dim. A few lamps with different hues or styles can help change the room’s overall feel.

Installing new pendant lights above your furniture is another way to update your living room. Pendant lights provide focused downward light that can also be used as task lights. You can also install torchiere-style floor lamps as a compliment. These lamps are usually brighter and more powerful than table lamps.

Adding plants

Adding plants to your living room is an easy yet effective way to transform the appearance of your space. Plants bring life to the room and can also improve your mood and boost your creative energy. Some popular houseplants for your living room include the elegant asparagus fern, which loves low light and cascades gracefully over the sides of a hanging pot. Other low-maintenance houseplants are the snake plant and peace lily, which both need moderate light conditions to survive.

Plants are a great way to bring life to any room and come in many sizes, colors, and shapes. To give a room a unique feel, you can add many different types of plants. Choosing the right plants for your living room will depend on your taste and the kind of living room you have.

In addition to plants, you can also add frames to add meaningful decor to your room. These frames don’t need to be the focal point of your room. They can also be used to support other pieces. Another way to bring life into your living room is to add a faux plant between a few framed artworks.

Changing out throw pillow covers

It’s easy to update your living room’s look without spending a lot of cash by changing out your throw pillow covers. Big interior design changes like new furniture or paint can take time and money, but changing throw pillow covers is a quick and easy way to impact your home. Adding new pillow covers is not only a great way to change the look of your living room, but it can also add a special touch to your design.

The key is to select pillow covers that go well with your existing decor. Many pillow covers are available in various patterns and colors that can add texture to your room. If you want to add a special touch, you can choose embroidered pillow covers that add a touch of luxury. A simple throw pillow cover can transform the atmosphere of your living space and make it feel more welcoming.

Throw pillows can be used to update a living space. Leather pillows can be used on a sofa to break up the monotony, while velvet pillows can add more luxury. You can also use old curtains and blankets as pillow covers for your throw pillows.

Although it may seem like an easy way to update your living room, changing throw pillow covers can be a significant undertaking. The pillows are often the focal point of a room so changing pillow covers can give it a new look.

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