Hi, We’re Kate & Betsy


The two became wifey friends over a decade ago. Kate had newly returned to her SoCal homeland after a few years living and loving abroad. Betsy was in LA for a visit, her tech job was based there but she had moved back to NC to buy a home and feel like a big girl.

They met up via mutual friends and it was love at first sight. The duo sang along to RENT at the top of their lungs while mutual friends sat in the car, all WTF.

A couple of months later Betsy had moved back to LA and Kate found herself ready to move into a new spot too.

They made a pact that as long as Kate allowed Betsy to make all of the decorating decisions, they could share rent at a sweet spot in Santa Monica.

Soon, they were investing in lemon yellow silk curtain panels and rehabbing eccentric finds to make up the perfect pad for two girls about town.

A true sense of style has emerged between the two of them since, collaborating on the many different homes they have each taken up in the adventurous years since they first met.


Kate decided to take the leap after a bit of an adventure.

After collaborating with Betsy on the AirBnB projects that she manages, the next natural step is to take that knowledge to the growing AirBnB market.


While The Estate of Things has been around for more than a decade as a successful blog, it wasn’t until Betsy and her biz partner/co-founder simultaneously found themselves between jobs and looking for the next leap. The partners had always shared a dream for a retail effort and so, on top of the mudcloth pillow craze, they went all in and opened up shop. Since that time Betsy has helped countless clients place lovely items in their homes and she has mocked up space plans, pillow arrangements, kitchen renovations and exterior paint selection as part of the TEOT design services offering. After collaborating with Kate on a number of projects, it is high time to seize an opportunity to extend the TEOT Design Services model to a growing AirBnB market.