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Rustic Bathroom Ideas




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rustic bathroom ideas

Rustic bathroom ideas are not limited to wood and stone accents. These designs can also include oversized vanities, wall-mounted cabinets, and medicine cabinets. You can save space by using built-in designs or drawer organizers and bins to keep small accessories organized. For additional ideas, see our article on Shiplap.


Shiplap is an inexpensive and easy way to add a rustic feel to your bathroom. It also looks great on accent walls. While you should keep in mind that shiplap walls should not be constantly wet. A simple way to add shiplap to your bathroom is by painting the walls a bold color.

The shiplap boards should be primed and painted before installation. Make sure to use waterproof paint. This way, your shiplap won’t warp from the moisture. It is also important to properly seal all holes, and a good primer and paint will help prevent water damage. It is also important to measure and mark the studs on the wall. This will allow you to determine where you’ll need to nail the shiplap.

The shiplap boards can be painted the same color as the surrounding walls, or a different color. This makes the room look more natural and gives it a more rustic feel. You can also opt to use faux lighting in this style. This will make the bathroom appear more spacious, as well as adding a bit of rustic flair.

Traditionally used in building barns and sheds, shiplap has been gaining popularity in home decor as a decorative accent. The unique look of this material can add warmth and character to a bathroom, while incorporating other colors and decor.

Stone accent wall

Adding a stone accent wall to your bathroom can create a beautiful look that is both rustic and stylish. You can choose from many different types of stone to create a stunning wall. You can use different sized stone bricks to create the look of a stacked stone wall. This style will also look great with a vintage bathtub.

To add a rustic look to a bathroom, consider combining natural materials like pebbles and stone with wood. A stone accent wall will make the room look warm and inviting. Likewise, a rustic bathroom will feature a wood countertop. The countertop will have a rustic feel, and you can choose a natural color like maple to make the stone look more beautiful.

The contrast between natural wood and white will make any bathroom look more inviting. For example, a wood vanity with an exposed brick wall will give the room a warm feel. A rustic bathroom is also the perfect place to add pops of color. You can add this texture with specialty tiles, woven baskets, and other decorative items.

A stone accent wall is a beautiful way to add a rustic touch to a modern bathroom. Natural stone is neutral and can be used to accent the wall behind a freestanding bathtub or as the shower wall. The natural stone also has a very clean look and complements other materials, such as wooden floors and a marble-topped vanity.

Floating vanity

Wood is a classic material for rustic bathroom ideas. If you are interested in creating a rustic bathroom, consider purchasing a rustic vanity made from wood. It will add a rustic touch without overwhelming the room. It will also have enough storage space for your bathroom necessities. You can mix and match the design with other rustic bathroom ideas, like the industrial theme.

A rustic vanity can be a long, wooden cabinet with a marble sink. A rectangular mirror placed over each sink will add a rustic touch. You can also use a hanging lamp or a rattan box for toilet paper. If you have a large bathroom, you can consider installing a triple vanity. You can also choose a vanity that has a countertop made of stone or concrete.

If you don’t have a bathtub, you can use an old dresser as your vanity. It has a sink in the middle and can accommodate two sinks. Another option is a vanity made of tree stumps, such as the Littlebranch Farms tree stump vanity.

This design will make a bold statement in the room. It combines a modern design with a rustic aesthetic. Choosing a vanity made of reclaimed wood will add a rustic feel to your bathroom. You can complement the vanity with a bentwood-framed mirror. This design lacks storage space, but recessed medicine cabinets can compensate for the lack of space. Besides, it will keep the room uncluttered.

Wood paneling

You can use wood paneling to add a rustic feel to your bathroom. This is an attractive option for small bathrooms that do not have a lot of space. You can paint or stain it to match your existing wood. In addition to paneling, you can also add vintage-inspired accessories to your bathroom to give it a charming look.

When using wood paneling, make sure to choose light shades to give the impression of space. Dark colors tend to make rooms look smaller, so you should use light elements to balance the effect. To complete the rustic look, choose a rustic vanity that features two niches. You can also use metal wire baskets for personal towels.

Another great option for rustic bathroom design is to include greenery. Plants will thrive in this setting, and you can use faux lighting to add some charm. Having a sliding wooden door will also add warmth. And as a bonus, you can match the door with a vintage-looking wooden cabinet to complete the rustic feel.

You can also include windows in your bathroom. If you have a window, you can create a cozy spot near it with accent tables and small seating. Make sure you create a unique space by the window so people will be drawn to it. Using rustic bathroom ideas will make your bathroom more unique and personalized.

Adding natural elements

Adding natural elements to rustic bathroom ideas is a great way to add warmth and texture. For instance, using real plants and flowers will add an authentic touch to the decor. They will also help you create a connection with the outdoors. The best part is that you can incorporate rustic design ideas into almost any style.

Using repurposed items is another great way to add natural elements to your bathroom. One popular example is an old wooden ladder that’s been converted into a charming towel rack. Another example is a vintage kitchen cabinet converted into a charming medicine cabinet. You can use any of these items to add a rustic flair to your bathroom. And if you want to avoid the expense of installing new cabinets and plumbing fixtures, you can choose rustic materials like pipe and wood.

To balance wood elements, choose tile that’s easy to clean and maintain. Using a tile made of stone or granite will support the rustic theme without requiring a lot of maintenance. Lastly, make sure to keep the bathroom’s linens simple, in neutral colors. This will make the room look more inviting.

Rustic bathrooms are an excellent way to make a bathroom more comfortable for your family. Adding wood and stone accents to the walls and floor will make the room feel cozier and more comfortable. Natural stone is an excellent choice for wall treatments and it will add warmth to the space.

Storage options

Rustic shelves add storage to any bathroom and are an easy DIY project. They can be stained any color to match the bathroom decor and can include a functional top shelf. They can also have several double hooks and cubbies to keep most-used items in easy reach. You can adjust the shelves to the exact size of the bathroom and they will fit in with any decor.

If you’re not a carpenter, you can use wrought iron brackets to hang open shelving units in your bathroom. These are also a cost-effective way to add storage space. Open wooden shelves also add a rustic aesthetic and make great storage space. Make sure to add a rustic mirror to complete the look. Rustic bathroom decor should have an aged look, which is ideal for evoking a storyline.

Towel storage is another important part of rustic bathroom ideas. If you don’t have a lot of space, consider using purpose-built storage units. They can accommodate bathroom essentials like hand towels and robes while also providing extra space for bulkier items. Another practical solution is to install a towel ladder over the toilet. This ladder can serve as a stylish way to display towels and hang clothes.

Rustic bathroom ideas can also feature storage solutions made from wire. For example, you can hang wire storage baskets. These will allow you to swap out baskets and bins easily. Wire notice boards can be used as bathroom storage as well.

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