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I used to think that storing paint was a huge pain in the butt. It wasn’t until I found this amazing spinner that I realized how wrong I’d been. Now, my paints are easy to access and use—and there’s no other way to store them with more ease than an art spinner!

My Paint Is Spinner

The compartmentalized spinners make storing your paints easy and keeping them at their best. When you’re ready to use a color, pull the tray out, grab a paint cup, and let’s go!

As an artist, I know how frustrating it can be when you must stop working because someone needs to use your paint cups. This problem was solved for me by my storage system: I just grab one of my many art spinners from the closet shelf, put it on the table where I’m working and dump all of my paints into that one spinner. Then my friend can get her own cup of watercolor or acrylic paint and we both happily work away happily side-by-side!

I Never Need to Carry Paint Tubes Anymore

I hate carrying paint tubes. They’re big, and bulky, and they don’t fit in your average tote bag. It’s not easy to find a place to store them either; if you have any other supplies (like brushes), chances are good that you’ll run out of room to put them all on the shelf over your work table.

And then there’s the worst part: how do I keep track of what color is where? I end up mixing colors more often than necessary because I forget what’s already stored where. Plus, it takes forever for me to find the right one when I’m ready for it!

I Can Get My Whole Tray of Paints in One Spinner

For this paint spinner to fit in your tray, take the lid off and make sure there’s a space between each compartment. Then put your paints in it. You may need to turn or flip over some of them so they don’t fall out.

If you can get all of that done, then congratulations! You’re ready to go! Just load up the tray with whatever other craft supplies you want and tighten down the lid so they don’t fall out.

It’s easier than hacking a plastic bin

If you’re a big crafty, or if you have kids who are into art and crafts, then this paint storage spinner is practically a necessity. You can use it for storing your kids’ paintbrushes and all the little bottles of acrylics that come with them. It’s also great for keeping your own paintbrushes organized and easy to access (and you’ll never have to dig around in the bottom of a bin again).

It’s not just for storing paints, though! If you’re an expert crafter with lots of different supplies stored at home, this item will ensure that everything stays neatly corralled and easily accessible – no more digging through piles!

All the Paint Cups Fit in One Storage Box

The Paint Cup Spinners are a great way to keep your paint cups tidy and organized without taking up too much space. The box is small enough to be portable but can fit a surprising amount of paint cups in it. You don’t have to worry about keeping them in several smaller boxes or on shelves—they all fit into just one!

The Paint Cup Spinners come with three different configurations: one with 15 cups in a single row, one with 30 cups staggered (one row), and one with 30 cups in two rows of 15 each. The bottom tray is split into two halves that are hinged together so you can slide them apart when filling or cleaning out the cup holder.

Tossing out Any Old Plastic Containers

I’m not tossing out any old plastic containers because there’s no other way to store them with more ease than an art spinner.

You can store paints in the spinner. You can store brushes in the spinner. You can store paint cups in the spinner. You can even store paint tubes in the spinner! The best part? It’s all yours to keep around forever and ever—no more digging through boxes every time you need a new color of paint or brush!

This Is the Best Paint Organizer for Anyone Who Paints

With a few spins of the spinner, your paints are organized and ready to go.

It’s easy to use: fill it with your favorite colors, spin it into place, and you’re ready to paint!

It’s easy to store: when not in use, let the spinner hang on any hook or pegboard by its handle. It folds flat for storage when not in use.

It’s easy to clean: these hangers can be cleaned with soap and water or even dishwashing liquid. No need for harsh chemicals that might damage your brushes! And since each section has its own sealable lid (which is removable), we thought it would be best to keep our brushes clean too!

So get spinning today by ordering one today!


The Craft Smart Paint Spinner is the best paint organizer for any artist. It’s sturdy, easy to use and comes with a lifetime warranty. This product is as good as it sounds!

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