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Masculine Bathroom Ideas




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masculine bathroom ideas

Masculine bathroom ideas usually include minimalist, sleek designs. These designs are best complemented with minimalist accessories. One lone plant or animal head can bring a little bit of softness to the space. The bathroom can also feature simple yet stylish furniture, such as an open shelf vanity and a glass shower enclosure.

Simple bathroom ideas

When you’re trying to decide what materials to use in a masculine bathroom, the first thing to think about are materials that imply strength and power. Stone or marble countertops, for instance, will add a rugged, sophisticated look to the room. Stone walls will also add texture to a plain design. Concrete is also an option for a masculine bathroom, and it has an appealing texture. It changes color when wet and returns to its original tone once dried. The second most popular color is grey, behind black.

If you want a bathroom that is both masculine and functional, you may want to consider adding a ladder shelf to hang towels. You can also add a modern wood vanity to get away from the rustic look and go for a more contemporary style. You can also use a mirror on a modern wood vanity, which gives the bathroom a contemporary feel. A colorful, masculine bath towel is also an option.

Dark, manly colors can be made more palatable by adding light colors. For example, a room with dark gray walls and floors can look more masculine when combined with pale wood accents. Black faucets can also help bring out the mood in a room with dark colors. In addition, a masculine bathroom will benefit from natural light.

Open shelf vanity

When designing a masculine bathroom, consider a vanity with open shelves. These types of vanities are more functional than decorative, and they allow you to have easy access to all of your bathroom necessities. They are ideal for keeping your bath towels and other accessories close at hand. You can choose an open shelf vanity that has a masculine, clean look.

Another rustic storage option is a galvanized bucket. The ribbed texture makes it a visually interesting piece. You can also add custom vinyl letters to create an extra rustic touch. This type of storage solution is both convenient and affordable, and it is easy to coordinate with your existing decor.

Another style of open shelf vanity is a reclaimed-wood style. This style offers a rustic, farmhouse look and looks great next to a white wall. The shelves also have support wood that helps keep the overall design of the space. The support wood is painted white to match the walls.

Brick wall

Brick wall designs are a great way to add a rustic, masculine look to any bathroom. These walls are durable, warm and add an industrial look to the space. They are also easy to maintain, which makes them perfect for bathrooms. Since bathrooms are often humid, bricks work perfectly in the space. They are perfect for the walls around sinks and showers, as well as the ceiling. If you’d prefer a more feminine look, you can choose white brick and paint it with floral patterns and designs.

Adding lighting is an important part of any interior design, and brick wall lighting will bring out the beauty of these walls. You can choose industrial-style pendants or DIY pendants to make the space more upscale. Alternatively, you can choose strip LED lighting for a contemporary feel. If you want to keep the look simple, use wood or stone furnishings in the bathroom.

If you have a smaller bathroom, you can opt for a black tiled wall. This style will give your bathroom a sleek, sophisticated look. You can also opt for concrete tiles to imitate concrete. Black tiles are also a good option if you want to add a masculine touch to the space.

Glass shower enclosures

Glass shower enclosures are a common choice in modern bathrooms. They create a sleek, minimalist look and are highly functional. Full glass enclosures are a popular choice for masculine bathrooms because they add an open look to the design. They are also extremely sturdy. A great way to make a bathroom look more masculine is to use glass shower enclosures instead of curtains.

For a more rugged look, try using stone on one side of the wall and glass on the other. You can also add plants. You can create the illusion of a living plant by placing a few branches in the shower area. Adding a cactus plant is another option.

Glass shower enclosures are also a good choice for smaller bathrooms. A smaller shower can be made more inviting with playful tiles and a warm wood bench. Frosted glass will give the shower enclosure a sleek surface and also help with privacy and soundproofing. The minimalist look of Nicole Hillis’ bathroom will help the materials speak for themselves.

Stone tiles

The use of stone tiles in a bathroom is a great way to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Stone is an old-world material and blends well with masculine rooms. Dark accents and industrial materials also add a manly touch. Tiles can also add color accents to a plain suite. They are an inexpensive way to update the look of a room.

Stone tiles can be used for both walls and floors. They are also easy to clean and have an elegant look. You can even wrap them around the walls in the shower room to create a unique effect. Wood look tiles are another great option as they lend a warm, contemporary look to a room, and can be paired with dark metallic accents to create a masculine environment.

To begin your masculine bathroom ideas, you should first create a spacious shower room. A shower room is typically the largest room in a bathroom, so you want it to have plenty of room to move around. For a more seamless effect, use stone tiles on both walls and floors. You can also use a marble countertop to match the color scheme of the floor tiles.


For a masculine bathroom, consider installing a wooden storage in the corner. It will provide a place for towels and other small bathroom items. You can get such a storage from a website such as Homebnc. Wooden bathroom storage will also help you keep your bathroom organized.

You can also use wood as the predominant material in the bathroom. This will allow you to incorporate different colors. For instance, dark gray and off-white tones work well together. Similarly, sage green and natural beige are also great choices. You can even choose a smoky purple or gold.

The bathroom is an important room in a home. It should be functional and look great at the same time. It’s a place where your man will get ready for the day, so it should make him feel comfortable and look his best. Choose masculine bathroom ideas that fit his personality and taste.


When decorating a masculine bathroom, consider adding metal accents to the space. While you may not think that a man needs a lot of metal, this type of metal can provide a man with the look he is after. For example, if you are a man who loves the look of a vintage tissue box, you can purchase a vintage metallic tissue box and use it as a tissue box. You can also consider using leather, which may not be as common in other rooms but is ideal in this area. The material is usually black or dark brown, which are classic colors for masculine bathrooms.

Another masculine bathroom idea is to use dark blue accents. This color will bring about a natural outdoorsy feel. Dark wood and metal are also ideal accents for a masculine bathroom. You can divide the bathroom into two sections to give it a distinct look.


Men can use plants in their bathroom to add a touch of nature to their room. A cactus plant, for example, will add a touch of tropical flair. They can even be trained to grow on a wall or ceiling. These plants can be very difficult to kill, so you should be careful not to water them too much or they will grow to the point that they don’t look very attractive.

Another choice for masculine bathrooms is wood. Wood can have a very soothing effect, and a wooden bathroom vanity is a great option. It also adds warmth and rusticness. A few more options for wood are silver, gold, and sage green. If you’re using wood, avoid softwoods, because they will warp under humidity. Choose a domestic hardwood if you’re concerned about warping.

If you’re planning to use plants in your bathroom, you’ll need to choose plants that go well with the colors of the room. Plants like ivy and cactus will work well in certain color schemes. Alternatively, a more floral plant like a palm will be more appropriate.

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