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How to Remodel a Small Bathroom on a Tight Budget




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how to remodel a small bathroom

If you’re in a tight budget but still want to remodel your bathroom, you can start by resurfacing or reusing existing fixtures. You can also add a walk-in shower and paint the cabinets to make the space feel larger. Before you start, make sure you have the right permits.

Save money by reusing or resurfacing fixtures

One of the best ways to save money when remodeling a small bathroom is to reuse or resurface old fixtures. This way, you won’t have to buy new fixtures for the entire bathroom, and you can save money on the main materials. When you’re remodeling a small bathroom, you can also save money on lighting by using an LED light. LED bulbs not only make the bathroom brighter, but they also reduce electricity consumption. In addition, new light fixtures or sconces can add a modern touch to the room.

If you’re remodeling a small bathroom on a budget, you can save even more money by choosing cheap fixtures. You should not make the mistake of choosing cheap fixtures that will need to be replaced or repaired. Consider their energy efficiency and warranties when choosing fixtures.

Old bathroom mirrors can be refinished or reused. Sometimes, you can find them at yard sales. If you want to get something vintage, you can even buy them at a flea market. These places can be unpredictable, but they can often have great prices. You can also check out antique stores to find vintage pieces. These places will charge more than other resellers, however.

Adding a one-level walk-in shower

A walk-in shower can be a great way of maximising space in a small bathroom. This eliminates the need to have a separate medicine cabinet, and also eliminates space under your sink. Built-in storage niches are also available in walk-in showers. A shower bench can be installed to store your toiletries.

A shower with glass doors is a good option if the bathroom is too small to accommodate a walk-in tub. This design trick makes the shower seem larger and more inviting. You can also choose a floor-level shower, which continues beyond the shower lip. This clever design trick makes it easier to navigate the shower floor, and you are less likely tripping when entering or exiting.

You can also add a large picture window to brighten the space and make it feel more spacious. A bench can be added to the shower to add visual interest. A built-in bench can hold toiletries or home decor.

You can paint existing cabinets to make the space seem larger.

The first step to painting existing cabinets in a small bathroom is preparing the space. If you have removed all cabinets, then painting them may not be necessary. If you are renovating the bathroom, you will need to do some more preparation work. Drop cloths will be needed to protect the bathroom against paint splatters and sanding dust.

Use light colors to make a small bathroom seem larger. Dark colors can feel claustrophobic and oppressive, while light colors are more relaxing and make the room appear larger. Light color combinations will look great with pale wood units and white sanitary ware. You can also go for a light-colored floor covering or use a lighter-textured rug.

Painting existing cabinets will give your bathroom a new, bright look, and will save you money when compared to completely replacing them. You won’t have to buy new cabinets and it will take less time. To preserve their beauty, you might also consider sealing painted cabinets.

Getting permits before tackling a small bathroom remodel

Before you tackle a small bathroom remodel, you’ll want to get permits for the work you plan to perform. These permits cover a variety of topics, from construction safety to energy efficiency. It is important to ensure that the contractor you hire follows local building codes and does everything correctly.

You may think you don’t need a permit if you’re doing a simple light painting job. Certain work, such moving a sink or moving a bathtub, will still require a permit. Permits are required if you intend to alter the room’s footprint or add new plumbing lines. In addition, you’ll need a permit if you want to install a new electrical outlet or change the roofline.

Depending on where you live, building permits can be expensive. They can be as high as $1,000 in some areas. Although you might be able to save money if you do the remodel yourself, it is better to hire a professional to manage the permitting process. You should hire a good general contractor to help you with this task.

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