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How to Paint a Wooden Door




shabby wooden blue doors with rusted locks

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If you want to paint a wooden door, you need to take a few things into consideration. Depending on the condition of the paintwork, you may have to apply three to five coats of paint. And remember, this job is very messy! It takes at most one day.

how to paint a wooden door

It’s a day job

You should clean the door thoroughly with a damp cloth before you begin painting. You should also prepare the area by applying a coat of primer. This will help protect the wood door from cracking and will create a smooth base for the paint. Apply the primer to the door and move it in the same direction as the grain. Once the primer is dry, you can move on to applying the paint. Be sure to remove all tape before the paint dries completely. You should allow the paint to dry for longer if you are painting over dark colors or in areas with high humidity.

Next, you should clean the door. Use a cleaning solution that contains TSP or soap and water. Use a damp cloth to remove all dust. A roller can be used to apply the paint but a brush works better. A brush should be approximately two to three inches in diameter. A smaller brush should be used for corners, bevels and grooves. To repair dents on wooden doors, you can use acrylic-latex caulk and latex wood putty. After you are done, you can sand your door with 220-grit paper. To clean the glossy finish of the doors, you can also use a TSP solution.

It takes three to five coats

First, clean the door thoroughly before you begin painting it. To clean the surface, you can use a sponge or TSP or soap and warm water. Then, apply a quality primer. Use three to five coats to cover the entire door.

For the first coat, use a small paintbrush that is 25mm (one inch) wide. You don’t want to use too much pressure as you don’t want to leave a brush mark on your finished side. You can paint the second side after you have finished the first coat. While the door is drying, make sure you keep pets away from it so that the paint will not smudge.

It all depends on the state of the paintwork

The condition of the paintwork will determine the quality of your finished job, whether you are painting a wooden door yourself, or hiring a professional. Before you start, remove any old paint, primer, putty, or wood. To remove any paint left behind, you can use a vacuum or medium-grain paper emery.

The paint used to paint a wooden door depends on its age, condition, and type. A new door can have a lacquer coating, but an old door will need paint or varnish. Choose the right paint for your door depending on the condition of the paintwork, the type of finish you want, and your personal taste. If you are unsure about what type of paint you need, a specialist paint supplier will be able to advise you on the most suitable colour and finish.

It’s messy work

Before you paint a wooden door, prepare it well. Use a top-rated wood filler to patch up any cracks or holes. This filler shrinks a little when it dries and can be painted right over it without priming or sanding. To apply it, use a putty knife and similar tools.

Start by elevating the door. This will improve ventilation and reduce the likelihood of paint sticking. Also, use a Painter’s Pyramid (a sturdy plastic pyramid strapped to sawhorses), to minimize the amount of surface area in contact with fresh paint.

It requires high-density foam mini rollers

High-density foam mini rollers are small rollers that help spread paint without leaving brush marks. They have rounded ends that virtually eliminate lap marks. This allows you to paint into corners. These are great for applying primer or paint. They can be purchased at home centers and paint stores. You’ll need to buy the right size. Then, you’ll want to purchase a roller cover.

High-density foam paint rollers are perfect for interior doors. Traditional paint rollers work well for smooth flat walls. The foam surfaces are easy to clean and prevent brush marks, giving you the smoothest finish.

Sanding is required.

Sanding doors will remove paint imperfections and give them an even smoother finish. You can sand a door with a palm sander or a hand-held belt sander. Each stage of the sanding process requires different sandpaper, depending on the type of wood. Rough-hewn or heavily painted doors need coarser sandpaper than smooth, oiled or painted doors. When sanding, make sure to use non-clogging, stearated sandpaper.

Be sure to sand the doors with 220-grit sandpaper before you paint them. Then, use a tack cloth to wipe off any paint dust. The first coat of paint should be completely dry before applying a second one. For oil-based paints, wait 24 hours before applying a second coat. After the first coat has dried completely, sand the door with 320-grit sandpaper. You should also clean the door of paint dust before applying the second coat.

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