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How to Decorate Home For Christmas in Wichita Kansas




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how to decor home for christmas in Wichita Kansas

There are many options for decorating your home for Christmas in Wichita. There are many local Christmas shops in the city where you can buy holiday decorations. The east side of the city has a store that recently opened, and carries everything from artificial evergreen pieces to colorful picks.

Tunnel of Lights by the Marshall Family

Located at 620 N. Stratford Lane, The Marshall Family’s Tunnel of Lights for Christmas in Wichita Kansas features more than 100,000 lights. Admission is free. Proceeds from the event benefit local charities such as the St. Anthony Family Shelter and Lord’s Diner.

The show is synchronized with local music on 89.7 FM and features more than 80,000 computerized lights dancing to holiday music. It has been a local favorite since its inception in 2012. The displays change each year, and previous years have featured a Chiefs display, giant lighted balls, and peacocks on the roof.

Many other holiday light displays are available in Wichita and many are free. For example, you can see the tunnels of lights at the Tanganyika Wildlife Park, which are expected to be the tallest, shortest, and most elaborate in Wichita. This spectacular display is open to the public, and you can even buy tickets in advance through the park or at QuikTrip.

If you have a car, you can drive through this spectacular display on Interstate 20. It’s best to visit this site during the week. It’s best to visit Wichita during weekdays if you plan to visit during holiday season. It costs $20 on weekends and $20 during the week.


Whether you are looking to decorate your home for the holidays or are just looking for holiday decor, Menards is a great place to go. The stores sell everything from decorative accents to hanging decorations. They have a wide selection of holiday decorations and can help you choose the right tree for you. A Christmas village can be built with a train set.

One of the best parts of Menards is the huge savings it offers. The store updates its inventory frequently and offers low prices on a wide variety of products. Black Friday is a great time to shop as there are many discounts and special deals. If you are looking for holiday decorations and gift ideas, Menards is the perfect place to go.

Chateaux de Cadeuax

If you want to find whimsical decorations for the holidays, stop by Chateaux de Cadeuax in Wichita’s Delano District. The store sells themed ornaments and festive items, and you can also find beautiful red poinsettias at Tree Top Nursery.

Linda Hall’s passion for the holidays

Linda Hall’s life touched the lives of so many. She was a caring neighbor who cared for her family, friends and the community where she lived. William James Hall, her husband, and Rodney and Grant, her sons and daughters, as well as Tieryn, are survivors. Her sister, Norma Michaluk and her nieces and nephews are also survivors. She was predeceased by her parents, Robert and Doris Hertz.

Her love of the holidays began at an early age. She sang in the Merrimack Concert Association Chorus. She was a tireless volunteer who never missed a performance. She loved animals and nature. She owned many cats. She exhibited an unfailing love of the holidays and a compassion for all creatures.

SHSI’s holiday decor

Christmas decorations and lights add a festive spirit to any home or business. SHSI’s holiday decor and lighting experts are highly experienced and skilled, with over 20 years of experience. Their team of designers takes the time to study the landscape and architectural details to create dramatic designs for the Holiday season.

Christmas at the McKinneys’ is a great spot to see more than 100,000 lights. The event is free and benefits the St. Anthony Family Shelter and the Lord’s Diner.

There are many displays in the city, including the 9th Street Lights which features 35,000 dancing lights and music accompaniment. The display is paired with the sounds of 101.7 FM’s Christmas playlist, including “Joy to the World” and “Little Drummer Boy.” The Lights on Brummett is another popular holiday light display. It is an annual event. The lights, which are colorful and display Halloween and Christmas displays, are located along Brummett Street.

Residents and tourists alike should visit the city’s holiday displays. One of the most popular displays is the Tunnel of Lights, which has more than one million Christmas lights and a variety of light displays. The event also raises funds for people with developmental disabilities. Another popular holiday decoration in the city is Reindeer Road, a neighborhood street with many holiday decorations. Candy Cane Lane is located adjacent to the road and features tall reindeer.

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