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How to Decorate Home For Christmas in Seattle Washington




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how to decor home for christmas in Seattle Washington

The Christmas season in Seattle Washington is a great time to take advantage of the city’s festive spirit. You can find a wide variety of decorations to hang in your home. Here are some of the best options for holiday decorating in Seattle. Many of the best Christmas activities in the city are family-friendly. One of the most fun activities is making holiday decorations yourself. There are many wreath-making workshops that you can attend in Seattle.

Westlake Park

Decorating your home is one of the most festive and fun things you can do during the holiday season. If you’re living in the Seattle area, there are many ways to make your home look festive. Many local businesses offer discount items and events around the holidays, and the city itself is decorated with bright lights.

There are also many activities for the whole family, including a light festival at T-Mobile Park. The event features a large ice rink, craft workshops, and live music. Another Seattle tradition is the Tree Lighting at the Westlake Center, which begins at 4:30 pm. The area can get crowded so plan your trip accordingly. Santa will be visiting the crowd and fireworks will be set off following the tree lighting ceremony.

In Seattle, Christmas is a time to celebrate family and friends. There are many events taking place in Seattle during the holiday season, including the Macy’s Parade. This colorful parade, which begins on Thanksgiving Day, features costumed characters and colourful floats, as well Santa Claus himself.

Occidental Square

There are many options for decorating your Seattle home for Christmas. There are many free events in the city. You can also find local companies that will help you decorate. Here are some highlights from the Seattle Christmas scene:

There are many places in the city where you can buy Christmas trees. The Olympic Manor neighborhood is a prime example, located in Crown Hill in North Seattle. It is easily accessible via N.W. 85th Street and 95th Street. Alternatively, you can drive through the city and look at the holiday lights. There are many tree lots all around the city and plenty of festive activities for the whole family.

Downtown Bellevue transforms into Snowflake Lane every holiday season, with extravagant light installations, live music, and special events throughout December. The Fairmont Olympic Hotel’s spectacular display of lights and multiple themed Christmas trees will be a must-see for anyone visiting Seattle during the holidays.

Downtown Seattle

Seattle has a wide variety of Christmas light displays, making it the perfect city for a festive holiday. From oversized, twinkling ornaments to arches, downtown Seattle is a great place to see the holiday spirit. Visitors can experience the holiday spirit and view more than 135,000 twinkling lights in Westlake Park or Occidental Square. These displays are free and family-friendly. If you’re not in the mood to decorate your home, you can visit one of the many local Christmas tree lots.

If you’re looking for a drive-thru tour of decorated homes, try the Olympic Manor neighborhood. This neighborhood is located in Crown Hill, and is easily accessible via N.W. 85th Street and 90th Avenue N.W. You’ll find beautiful decorated houses and even a lighted Madonna! This neighborhood has been a popular holiday spot since 1996. The trees and lights are lit every night in December, and the residents get into the Christmas spirit.

Menashe Family Lights is a spectacular display with over 340,000 lights that will be a great place to see a holiday light show. The display features a nativity scene with vintage figures, blow-up characters and a sweet little train. Last year, the display even caught the attention of ABC’s “The Great Christmas Light Fight.” Local residents have made it a tradition to visit the display every year.


You may have seen Christmas decorations in Marysville, Washington. Many houses in cul de sacs are decorated for Christmas. If you’d like to get in on the action, there are several places to purchase a tree. You can also take food donations to the local food bank. The holiday season is a wonderful time for decorating your home, so why not give it a try?

Marysville is the home of the Marysville Lights Festival. It runs from December 4th to 31st. The event is open to the public from 5 p.m. to nine p.m. A self-guided tour is available of the holiday lights. Mountlake Terrace Christmas Light Show north of Seattle is a great alternative. The display includes 25 homes and a food bank donation drive.

Evergreen Church

There are many Christmas decorations that you can make in Seattle. The Evergreen Church, in Bothell, hosts a popular light display. An app allows you to take a self-guided walk through the area. If you don’t have the time or desire to decorate your home for the holidays, there are professionals who will work for you for a week in November.

There are many places in Seattle where you can buy a Christmas tree. If you’re looking for a large tree, you can visit one of the many tree lots. The holiday season also offers plenty of festive activities for the whole family. You can visit the Snowflake Lane Christmas parade or browse the many Christmas displays.

You can also visit the Waterfront Park to see the Electric Flora, which is a curated display with lights. This light show is free and family-friendly and runs until January 31, 2022. The dazzling Evergreen Lights is also available during the holiday season. It features more than 200,000 twinkling lights that dance to the beat of music. Parking is free and snacks are available. There are several lighted walking paths and the Light Tunnel.

Argosy Cruises

One of the best ways to decorate your home for the holiday season is by cruising on one of Argosy Cruises’ holiday ships. The ships are decked out in holiday decor, and there are even choirs and other performers on board. There is also live music on board and a cash bar that sells snacks and beverages.

The Argosy Cruises’ Christmas Ship Festival is an annual tradition that’s been going strong since 1949. The ship sails around 65 waterfront cities in the Puget Sound region. Onboard, local choirs perform 20-minute performances for passengers. Argosy Cruises donates part of the ticket sales to local nonprofits. Onboard, the Rainier Youth Choir performs a holiday classic, “Winter Wonderland.”

McMurtrey’s Red-Wood Christmas Tree Farm

McMurtrey’s Red-wood Christmas Tree Farm in Seattle Washington is a family-friendly destination for Christmas tree-cutting. Online reservations are available starting November 15th at 10 AM PST. Opening day is November 25.

McMurtrey’s Redwood Christmas Tree Farm has been in the family for almost 50 years. The farm offers hot chocolate and candy canes for visitors and is the ideal place to purchase a local Christmas tree. In addition to small trees, McMurtrey’s Red–Wood offers larger trees up to 15 feet tall.

Trees that are established require care all year. The farm applies herbicides and anti-fungal sprays. The trees need to be trimmed, which is usually done in August or September. McMurtrey also orders seedlings each year. Seedlings cost 45 cents each.

The farm also sells Noble Firs and Nordmann Firs. McMurtrey’s Redwood Christmas Tree Farm offers U.Cut tree reservations beginning in 2022. The farm also sells pre-cut trees and wreaths. Local deliveries are free.

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