How to Decorate Home For Christmas in Albuquerque New Mexico




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how to decor home for christmas in Albuquerque New Mexico

In Albuquerque, New Mexico, it is not too early to start decorating for Christmas. Some homes put up their trees as early as summer. Uptown Albuquerque has already been decorated with holiday lights. Christmas brings joy and reassurance in the midst of uncertainty and darkness surrounding current social and political issues. Mary Martinez started her decorating on Nov. 5.


It is a festive tradition to use Luminarias to decorate your Albuquerque home for Christmas. This traditional art dates back to the Rio Grande, and is approximately three hundred years old. They were originally displayed on Christmas Eve to celebrate the birth of Christ.

Luminarias are bags made of paper that contain a light source. They are also called farolitos in some parts of New Mexico. Farolito means little lantern in Spanish. Luminarias are also associated with bonfires lit during festivals.

New Mexico’s holiday traditions include luminaries. They can be found on streets and rooftops, paths, and walls. These beautiful decorations have become a New Mexican holiday tradition. Thousands upon thousands of Luminarias decorate Albuquerque’s homes and other locations in Santa Fe and Santa Fe.

Luminarias are small lanterns made of paper with a candle inside. They have special meaning during Christmas time in New Mexico and throughout the Southwestern United States. This tradition dates back 300 years in New Mexico. It is a popular way of decorating your home for Christmas. Albuquerque even has an annual Luminaria Tour.

The City of Luminarias is one of the most beautiful sites in the world to celebrate the Christmas season. You can view more than a thousand paper lanterns lining the streets and sidewalks of Old Town Plaza. The city’s many holiday traditions are sure to delight you.

You can also hire a professional to decorate your Albuquerque home or business for Christmas. These decorative lights are beautiful and can help you gain attention for your business. They can also be used to decorate your home for holiday season.

ABQ RIDE’s Annual Luminaria Tour

ABQ RIDE’s annual Luminaria Tour has been held every Christmas Eve for six decades. Tickets go on sale Friday at 8 a.m., and the tour lasts 45 minutes. It goes through the Old Town and Country Club neighborhoods. It used to go through the Los Altos neighborhood, but that neighborhood is no longer on the tour. Adults can purchase tickets for $3.50 while children under 10 years old ride free with an adult.

Luminaria Tour buses leave the Convention Center approximately every 20 minute. The last bus leaves at 7:25 p.m., and the tour is rain or shine. Be aware that the streets may be closed to vehicular traffic on some days, but not during the Luminaria Tour.

The Luminaria Tour has been canceled for a year and is now back! The annual tour features luminarias in different neighborhoods around Albuquerque. This year’s theme is “A Storybook Christmas.” Participants must wear masks in order to enter the tour buses. Masks can be found at the waiting area.

Trujillo’s Winter Wonderland at Waterford Place

Jared Trujillo, a Albuquerque resident turned his home into a winter wonderland complete with thousands of Christmas lights. He wanted to spread holiday cheer to the community after going through a rough year. His display included a mailbox to send Santa letters, glowing snowmen, and giant inflatable figures. The display took him 18 hours.

While putting up their holiday display, the Trujillo family also collects donations to help the local food pantry, Storehouse New Mexico. Donations can be dropped off at the holiday display, or at the store. The Santa Claus family encourages children to write letters to Santa.

The Winter Wonderland is not only home to Christmas lights and trees but also features holiday vendors. Local vendors will offer hot cocoa and a variety of delicious food. Santa Claus can even be photographed by visitors. The Winter Wonderland will be open until January 1, 2023.

Rio Grande Arts and Crafts Festival

If you’re looking for a unique gift for your loved one, consider buying it at a holiday arts and crafts fair in Albuquerque. This annual event features local artisans and small businesses selling high-quality handmade crafts. It also offers local food and gift ideas. For added value, you can also donate to a local charity while shopping.

The Rio Grande Arts and Crafts Festival ranks among the top 100 art and crafts festivals in the country. It is held annually in Albuquerque and draws thousands of shoppers every year. Its three juried art exhibits showcase cutting-edge artistic talent.

The festival also features several unique holiday activities throughout the weekend, including balloon races, chainsaw carving competitions, and a firework display. The festival kicks off on Friday evening with a 30-balloon ride. The colorful balloons fill the air during the golden hour before sunset. They are also released in the morning hours of Saturday and Sunday to add color to the park.

A live demonstration of ancient traditions such as weaving, spinning, cooking and tin-smithing will be part of the event. There are even living history interpreters who demonstrate how the people of the region lived. You’ll also be able to see traditional corrals.

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