How to Choose the Right Shelving Height for Your Online Retail Store




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When choosing the right shelf height for your store, you must consider several factors. These factors include the number of products per shelf and the weight of the product stored. You will also need to consider the size of your store. You might not need as many shelves as a larger store.

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Shelf height

When hanging shelves, it is important to keep them at a level that is close to eye level. A general rule of thumb is to install them four to five feet off the floor. This will give your products better visibility and will also make them easier to handle. You can use a level or an Amazon level to determine the proper height for your shelves.

You can adjust the shelf depth depending on what you store on it. Generally, open shelves should be around 10 to 12 inches deep. Shallower shelves are easier to reach and prevent items from getting lost or stowed away. Standard furniture can be found with shelves depths of sixteen to twenty inches. Before you buy, make sure to check the depth of the shelf.

A common container for storing food is a six-inch-high mason jar. Other containers, such as pickled goods jars and cans, are taller. When you choose to place larger items on small shelves, you will need to adjust the shelf height accordingly. For example, if you plan to store large boxes of cereal, you will want to consider adding extra height to the shelves.

Number of products per shelf

The number of products per shelf can vary greatly. It all depends on the message you are trying to convey and how much space is available. For instance, if you want to showcase a multi-buy offer, you should have a large number of items on the shelf. You should place your premium products sparsely if you want to highlight them and give them a premium look.

In the last decade, shelf space has become a scarce resource for retailers. Comparatively, 30% more products compete for shelf space than ten years ago. This has made retail assortment planning more important. With limited shelf space, retailers need to be smart about how to best utilize it.

You can make space efficient by creating rows of identical-sized items. If your shelves are long enough and wide enough, you should be able to fit at least one product on each shelf. Otherwise, you need more space than that.

Size of shelving opening

It is important to consider the size of the opening when choosing the shelving type you want. The space between the shelves is called the opening. It should not be less than two inches higher than the ceiling height. You can measure the height of your ceiling and decide what size opening is appropriate for your shelves.

Once you have determined the opening size, you will be able to select the correct brackets. The size of the brackets depends on the type and size of the shelf board. There are many types of shelf boards available, including pre-made boards and common lumber. If you’re not sure which to choose, it’s best to select the board before ordering the brackets.

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