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A small DIY craft area can be a great space to express your creativity. There are many ways to maximize space and minimize cost. One of the most important aspects in a craft room is storage. Small craft rooms will benefit from wall storage solutions such as a pegboard or a metal grid. Hangers can be used to organize craft supplies. You can also use a collection of baskets or boxes as storage.

Shelving units with open and closed shelves

Both open and closed shelving units can be used to make your craft room appear more spacious and organized. Open shelving allows you to easily see what your room has, but too many open shelves can create a feeling of clutter. Open shelving should not be used excessively.

Floating shelves

Floating shelves can be a great option if you have limited space. These shelves are the ideal way to store all types of stuff. Large open shelving units can be combined with drawers and shelves to provide ample storage. Alternative to shelves, ledges can be used.

Lazy Susan

A Lazy Susan makes storage a breeze. You can use this piece to organize small items, no matter how small your craft area is. You can organize your crafting supplies by spinning it and rotating them on it. Lazy Susans can also be used to decorate shelves. It can store small items or flower vases.

Glass shelf

A glass shelf can be a great way to organize your crafting supplies. This storage solution works well for Cricuts. You can also store scissors and other supplies.

Rolling storage carts

Rolling storage carts can be great for people with limited space. These carts can be placed under your desk or in your closets and allow you to easily access your crafting supplies. You can choose from a range of colors, and they come with storage inserts.


Labels are a great way to organize your workspace. These labels can be made by either using a cutting machine, or printed out and cut by hand. Affiliate links may be included in this post. These links earn us a small commission on sales made via the links.

Craft tables

A craft table with storage is a great option if your craft space is small and cramped. You will have more space and easier access to your supplies. Because they can be used in smaller spaces, craft tables are an excellent choice.


Pegboards are a great storage option, but can also be personalized. You can customize your pegboard storage by creating an organizer. This DIY project is simple and easy. You can find detailed instructions here to help you make it.

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