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These DIY paper Christmas ornaments are great for decorating your Christmas tree. These can be hung on your tree or shelves and branches. They are also very affordable to make. You can make your own Christmas ornaments out of paper. Share the joy with your family and friends.

DIY Paper Christmas Ornaments

It’s easy to make

Making DIY paper Christmas ornaments is easy. All you have to do is cut circles from paper and hot glue them together. Just cut out the circles slightly larger than the wire, and stack them up two to three times high. Hot glue can be used to attach the circles. You can attach the ornament to a tree branch or nail using ornament hooks.

An inexpensive way to decorate your tree is with a DIY paper Christmas ornament. You can embellish your tree with glittery scrapbook paper or card stock. Ornaments can be adorned with words, such as traditional Christmas words or names of loved ones.

Another benefit to making paper ornaments is their affordability. Craft paper can be found at craft stores for a very affordable price. You can also reuse gift wrap. You only need glue and holiday-themed paper to make DIY paper Christmas ornaments. These ornaments can be made by even children and used to decorate the tree.

Stars can also be made from paper. This can give your tree a festive look. These stars are simple to make and require no special tools. If you have children younger than 10, you can have them help with threading. You can make paper stars with glitter or embroidery thread. You can make paper stars with cereal boxes. You can also use bright, festive papers to make paper stars if you don’t own glitter or embroidery thread.

You can also use old books to create ornaments. You can find many great tutorials online that will help you with the process. The Make Life Lovely blog has a tutorial that uses glitter paper to create a Christmas tree with a bow. Kate’s Creative Space also features a paper-flower Christmas tree.

Retro paper ornaments are another easy DIY paper ornament. This project can be made with a cutting machine and is perfect for children. You can make a vintage design with shimmer or embroidery floss. To paint the finished product, you will need to use a pair of scissors and a flat brush.


You can make your own DIY Christmas ornaments if you want to cut down on Christmas decorations. You can make paper Christmas ornaments in many different styles and colors. Flexible paper can be cut into circles by purchasing it. You can also make these ornaments with small pieces from cardstock.

These decorations are easy to make and can be used on Christmas trees as well as hung from branches. These decorations look great placed on tables or shelves. These ornaments are simple enough for even children to make. To make your paper Christmas ornaments stand out, you can download a template. After you’ve made your paper Christmas ornaments, you can add glitter to them and hang them up on your tree.

Another inexpensive and fun DIY paper Christmas ornament is the toilet paper, roll angel. You can make an angel with different types of construction paper and a pipe cutter. You can follow a YouTube tutorial to complete this project. You’ll need a glue stick and some white construction paper. You can also make paper pendants using glitter.

You can make a wood slice ornament using felt and paint if you prefer something rustic. A family of wood slices can be made. You can make a penguin or a moose with this project. You can make multiple ornaments and give them away as gifts.

A felt Christmas cookie is another inexpensive DIY Christmas ornament. These can be made with two colors of felt, and one bead to add sprinkles. With your ornaments, you can make Christmas cookies. You can make these with your children and create ornaments that are unique for your tree.

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