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DIY IKEA Built-Ins For Storage




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If you want to save money and have a beautiful storage solution in your home, you can build DIY IKEA Built-ins for storage in your home. These projects can be accomplished by both experienced and inexperienced do-it-yourselfers. These built-ins are a great option for beginner to intermediate do-it-yourselfers and they add a lot of style to any room.

IKEA Billy Bookcases

You can make your own IKEA Billy bookcase if you need more storage space. These bookcases are great for storing your books and other items, and can even be used as an entertainment center. The closed cabinets hide cords, while shelves provide space for knick knacks and media. DIY projects using rattan and cane are very popular these days. A Billy bookcase with woven rattan doors will bring life to your home’s decor. You can make it even more fashionable by adding chair rail moldings and fluted cabinet doors.

First, ensure that the Billy bookcases are positioned against a wall stud. Next, screw the brackets into place. This will help you secure the bookcases to the wall. To remove the baseboard from bookcases that are not flush with the wall, use a screwdriver and a clawback hammer.

The Billy bookcases can be painted in a different color. The painted boards look great in any color, and the doors are available in a variety of styles. IKEA sells glass Oxberg doors. These doors are made specifically for the Billy bookcases. They can also be hung using a trick.

You can also customize the IKEA Billy Bookcase by adding more shelving. This way, you can create multiple storage areas in your home. For example, you can turn a Billy Bookcase into a small library with a shelf on top. You can also add a closet to the top of the bookcase, and make it a reading corner.

The Billy bookcases can be used to create a home bar. You can also use them as traditional bookcases. You can also add a matching skirting board to make the bookcase look purpose-built. A bench is another great use for BILLY bookshelves. They can be used to store books, or even as a shoe and coat rack.

Another way to upcycle an IKEA Billy bookcase is to cover it with fabric and rattan. Rattan can be used to make the bookcase more stylish and functional. You can add rattan-style fabric to your home or use glass doors for a unique look.

IKEA Smart Shelving Units

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to create beautiful storage solutions. Whether you need to organize a small space or store large items, you can find storage solutions at IKEA. Their affordable organizational products come in a variety of styles and can be customized to fit your needs.

Smart shelving solutions keep your items out of sight but within easy reach. There are two types of shelves: wall-mounted or freestanding. You can combine them with cabinets, drawers, or slide-in box to create a custom storage solution. These units can also serve as room dividers.

Kallax shelving units are the best-selling storage shelving units at IKEA. You can add seagrass boxes and baskets to them to store your child’s toys, or even your tech accessories. Kallax shelving units can also double as storage bench or storage ottomans.

Balance Bookshelf: Another smart shelving solution from IKEA is the Balance Bookshelf. You can either buy one or make your own using pipe, boards and twine. A storage stool is another great option. The MOLGER storage stool is both fashionable and functional. It can store old vinyl records and can be mounted against the wall. Another option is the Rivet Asher Round Upholstered Storage Ottoman.

Hemnes shoe unit: Another smart shelf option is the IKEA Hemnes unit, which is 22cm deep. It butts up against the wall and uses very little floor space. The top ledge can be used to store items. This unit also has four pull-out compartments for clothes and lingerie.

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