Decorating Above The Sofa

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  • Date: October 24, 2022
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Nothing is more important than the couch. It is very unlikely that one piece of artwork will make a significant impact. Your space should be a focal point with bold, striking artwork. It will stand out from the background of your couch.

Don’t buy a matching set

When shopping for furniture, it is best to avoid matching sets. Although matching sets are convenient, it can be difficult to mix and match styles. To create multi-layered looks, consider buying multiple sets and layering them together. Over time, you’ll be able to add the right items to your home.

Before you make a purchase, consider the overall design of your room. You won’t find the right furniture for your space if you have a matching set. Contrasting colors and arm styles can be used to create a cohesive look.

Avoid MDF furniture

If you have an older sofa, MDF furniture options are worth considering. MDF (or medium-density fibreboard) is lighter and can be easily ripped apart within a year. MDF won’t hold staples well, so it is best to buy furniture-grade plywood.

MDF is made of several pieces of wood that have been glued together. MDF is a composite of several pieces of wood that are glued together. It looks just like real wood but contains high levels both formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds. These fumes can cause serious health problems.

Don’t overcrowd your living room

Living spaces should feel open and spacious. Living spaces can feel cramped and uncomfortable if they are overcrowded. Keep the number of seats as low as possible to avoid crowding. A couple with two children will need three chairs and a loveseat. If you plan to add a second sofa or love seat, place it on the opposite wall of the room.

Another reason for excessive crowding is a lack of space. If there isn’t enough space, you may have to clean out the room. You can move into a larger home, rent storage units or sell your furniture.

Behind the sofa, create a feature wall

A wall behind a sofa can be used to create an accent wall. This is the ideal place to hang large paintings. Although a rectangular piece will take up more wall space than oversized pieces, it will make a bigger impact. Accent walls can also be created with a wooden panel with cutouts. Stylized flowers can be used to cover the entire wall. The grain of the wood can be changed to highlight cutouts.

A gallery wall is another option. This wall can be used to display your favorite photos or paintings. You can also use wall shelves to make a display wall.

Place nothing higher than the couch

Keep decorations below the sofa to a minimum. You can add seating by placing small tables or chairs behind the sofa. Bar high tables are unattractive and do not look good above the sofa. Your sofa’s back should not be higher than the table. This will give you the best effect. The table should measure between 28-28 inches high. If you prefer minimalist decor, you can leave the sofa as it is.

It is essential to keep the sofa separate from other furniture. It is a good idea to place the sofa at least 16 inches away from the coffee table. This will make it easier to place the sofa’s front legs and chairs.

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