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Ceiling Fans For Vaulted Ceilings




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Ceiling fans can be hung from vaulted ceilings. They require special installation techniques and should only be installed by an electrician. Fans with large paddles are best to cool and move air around the room. The fan should be placed eight to tenft from the floor.

ceiling fans for vaulted ceilings

Craftmade ceiling fans

Craftmade ceiling fans can be used in rooms with high vaulted ceilings. The company offers a variety of styles and finishes. Many models come with custom blades and exotic metal finishes. You can also find models with crystal prisms or intricate wood designs. There are many options for styles to choose from, including modern, contemporary and traditional. You also have the option of extra-large blade spans.

Craftmade offers a wide range of designs and styles to suit your individual tastes. For example, the Pursuit ceiling fan features an efficient DC motor with reversible speed and integrated LED lighting. It also has a wall control that makes it easy to operate. The majority of models can also be controlled via WIFI, and are compatible with smart-home devices.


There are many options when it comes to ceiling fans for vaulted ceilings. Fans come in a variety of finishes and have metal or wood blades. Many fans can be fitted with energy-efficient LED light kit. Before installing the ceiling fan you need to disconnect all electricity from the room. After the power has been turned off, connect the new electrical box to your ceiling and run the wires through the hole in the middle. Connect the motor wires to your canopy and down rod.

Minka-Aire ceiling fan ranges in style and price. These fans are easy to install. Each fan comes with an easy to follow installation guide. They also provide video tutorials for more complicated installations.


There are many ceiling fans, but this 52-inch model will work well in homes with vaulted ceilings. The downrod can extend up to six inches and has an airflow of 4531 cubic feet per hour. You can also adjust the lighting settings to suit different conditions such as on/off or dimming.

This fan can be used with vaulted ceilings. It is recommended that the ceiling not exceed 8 feet in height. To maximize air circulation, make sure you choose a fan that has a long downrod. Remember to match the overall decor in the room. A modern home might have a more contemporary design, but a rustic-styled room may be more cozy and comfortable.

It is difficult to find the perfect ceiling fan for vaulted ceilings. Most ceiling fans do not have enough airflow and are too small. There are models that can work in such spaces, however. Some models even have smart features like lights and remote controls.

Craftmade Xerxes

Craftmade Xerxes ceiling fans will be a great choice if you have a vaulted ceiling. This fan’s 62-inch blade span, three-speed remote control and consistent airflow will keep your room cool. For quiet and stable installation, it also has a tri-mount option.

There are many ceiling fans that can fit in your interior design, regardless of whether you have vaulted ceilings. There are ceiling fans to complement Spanish and Tuscan designs. These fans have a special downrod to allow for higher ceilings as well as dimming controls. These ceiling fans are quiet and efficient, so they don’t make any noise.

When selecting a ceiling fan for a room that has vaulted ceilings it is important to take into account the space and height of the ceiling. Larger rooms will require larger ceiling fans that have a longer blade span. To maximize airflow in large rooms, you can opt for a ceiling fan that has fewer fan blades. Airflow will be improved by a longer downrod.

Haiku 60-inch ceiling fan

ceiling fan can cool rooms without overheating. The Haiku 60 inch model has a 48″ or 60″ downrod. This downrod can be used in ceilings up to 14′. You can choose from four colors to match your fan.

The Haiku ceiling fan is sleek and modern. The permanent magnet motor reduces noise and increases airflow. You can also control the device using voice commands or your phone’s WiFi module.

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