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Add Drama to Your Bedroom With a Black Accent Wall




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black accent wall bedroom

If you’re ready to add a black accent wall to your bedroom, you’ll want to be sure to plan the project correctly. If you don’t want to paint the entire room, use a dark color only in areas with little to no natural light. If you must paint your walls, make sure to tape off the edges of the walls and ceiling with painter’s tape. It’s also important to cover your work area with a drop cloth.

Valspar Noir

If you’re thinking about painting your bedroom a dark color, consider Valspar Noir. The paint brand is a leader in high-quality paints. The paint color, which has a low LRV (Light Reflectance Value) of 2.767, is deep, rich, and entrancing. Its dark undertones make it one of the few true jet blacks that still look dreamy.

Valspar Cracked Pepper

Black accent walls are great for bedrooms. They’re a great way to add drama without going overboard. Behr’s Cracked Pepper is a rich, deep black with a dusty undertone. It will keep the room from feeling too stark and heavy. It would also be a nice accent wall color, especially if you plan to use it only on one wall.

This bold color is not for the faint of heart, but it adds drama and optimism to your space. This gray-black paint color has hidden blue undertones that make it a bold choice. You might find that you can use this color on a single wall, or you can mix it with other colors to create a multicolored look. Just remember to use a primer and top coat to make sure it goes on smoothly.

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